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Who we are

 Envigo specializes in commercial and enterprise Wi-Fi solutions. We serve hotels, marinas, offices, warehouses, campuses, and residential homes. Envigo will help design and install your your companies computer network and support it for years to come.


Our Story

Founded in 2007, Envigo is a leader in

WiFi deployments, performance computers, audio-video deployments, custom integrations, and residential and commercial  automation.
Envigo was founded in 2007 by Aldo Rodriguez and Patrick having solid networking, IT, and gaming backgrounds, we started building high-performance custom computers. In 2009 we opened our storefront with a wide range of services, including smartphone repairs, computer repairs, on-site tech services, and more.


In 2014 Envigo expanded into business IT solutions providing customers with robust wireless and wired solutions. We protected sensitive data and provided our clients with white glove IT support. 


Envigo has a full operational technical help desk multiple specialised installers and a staff ready to pick up the phone and take on your next technical challenge there is no small jobs here. We love our clients equally. 


Aldo Rodriguez.

Natalia Rodriguez

Founders of Envigo Corp.