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Access Control

Cloud Based Access Solutions.


We can install transponder units in your garage. Automatic gate lifts for vehicles. 


We install access controls in elevator units working closely with elevator maintenance personal to ensure safety.

Entrances and Exits

Control all entrances and exits with a dashboard view. Lockdown premises in the event of an emergency. Restrict personnel outside of business hours. 

Visitor Management

Set schedules for visitors, provide temporary access, and audit logs.

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Access Control 


A next generation access control system

Modern hardware

Readers and controllers with live video and touchless capabilities in a sleek design.

Remote Management

All inclusive cloud software manage schedule check door ways assign id's. With this easy to use platform have our team train your staff and time on costly training. 

Encrypted credentials

Readers support touchless proximity sensors that can read smart cards, smart phones and even iWatch. 

Single Identity

Provide your staff with single company identity. Our access control solutions integrate with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Gmail.