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Protect your organization’s network from modern-day cybersecurity threats. By evaluating and securing your organization’s infrastructure with Envigo, you can rest assured that:
•    Your organization’s data is securely backed up and accessible
•    Your organization will have a rapid recovery in the event of a disaster
•    Your organization’s network is compliant with standards such as HIPAA
•    Your organization’s infrastructure will be secured against cybersecurity threats
•    Your organization’s requested permissions and policies are securely implemented


Manage, Access and Recover your data with ease. By allowing us to create a data plan for your organization, you can now:
•    Protect your data against malware attacks such as ransomware
•    Back up workstation data in real-time
•    Resurrect downed systems in a rapid manner
•    View previous versions of a file
•    Allow multiple people to collaborate on a document
•    Access large amounts of data between multiple devices in a quick and easy manner some


Organizations have to deal with large amounts of data. When using the improper equipment for this amount of data, delays are commonplace as data has to be moved around and reliability is also an issue of concern as well. Our data plans eliminate any questioning of reliability, as we implement data contingency plans and reduce delays as well.


Recover your business, fast. Our Data Contingency plan's make sure that your business can suffer the worst of attacks (both Cyber and physical) and be able to restore systems to the state prior to the event. Our Contingency Plans offer:
•    On-Site and Off-Site backups
•    Real-Time workstation data backups
•    Image-based server and workstation backups
•    Malware resistant backup policies

From an initial standpoint, having a plan for disaster recovery may not seem like a necessary service. However, when the situation arises such as in the form of a ransomware attack or failing hardware it becomes next to near impossible to get your organization’s data back, and if it’s recoverable it is going to cost an exponentially large 

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