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We aim to be transparent as glass and want to prepare you for what's to come below is the recipe and solutions we deliver.


     What are your pain points? What have you overlooked? Is your company fully compliant with industry standards? Can you operate with a fully remote workforce? How is your data being handled, and who has access to the information?

How are prospects handled? Does your software fully support your staff's natural workflow, and what is it missing? Can you generate reports, and is data driving decision-making? How tight is on-premise physical security? What about cybersecurity? What risk factors could we mitigate? Is the network reliable, and is it set up to scale to avoid costly overhauls?

   Time is precious for business owners. During our assessment, teams will be ready with a checklist to ensure no stone is left unturned. Once they return to HQ, industry experts will review the information and create a plan custom-tailored to your business needs. And guess what? Your report/quote is completely FREE!



It's Go Time! Once your quote and report have been approved, and if your equipment needs upgrading, this is the first step in getting your organization up to speed. We prioritize building on rock-solid secure foundations. Envigo Networks will upgrade, reuse, or replace existing equipment as needed. The equipment list typically includes

  • Computers

  • Servers

  • Phones

  • Routers

  • Switches

  • Racks and Cable

  • Conference TV

  • Cameras

  • Access Points

  • Kiosks

  • Access Control

  • Printers

Your installations are completely documented, serialized, and maintained in your secure company cloud. Our crews are licensed by the state and insured.


Technology moves fast, your IT strategy will be flexible allowing it to move with your business and keep cost as lowest possible while achieving desired results.  Onboarding involves simplifying IT operations by creating company identities for you and your staff which will allow for monitored access to: 

  • Phone Systems

  • Email


  • File Shares

  • Remote Access

  • Building Access

  • CRM's

  • Time Tracking

  • Self Help Portals

  • Password Management

  • Vendor List

  • Security Systems

Strong emphasize on keeping accurate documentation along the way means quick support for all systems when needed.

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Ensuring the security of your network today necessitates the implementation of cloud-first policies beyond the confines of the physical office. With employees working remotely on potentially unsecured networks and devices, adopting a cloud-first approach is paramount. This approach allows your team to operate directly from a secure company cloud, where assets are meticulously monitored and protected.

In our commitment to fortify your cyber defenses, we have forged partnerships with industry-leading experts in cybersecurity. Through our collaboration with Bitdefender Gravity Zone, we deliver around-the-clock protection to all company endpoints. Envigo, in conjunction with Bitdefender Gravity Zone, provides comprehensive security measures to safeguard your company from potential threats

  • Hackers

  • Malware

  • Ransomware

  • Persistent Footholds


The efficacy of your recently secured systems is intricately linked to your team's adoption rate and practice. Without delay, we engage with your staff to optimize their utilization of toolsets, establishing streamlined processes and workflows from A to Z. Additionally, we equip administrators and managers with the requisite tools to track progress effectively.

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Ensuring the continuity of your business, we prioritize maintaining a comprehensive backup of all systems at all times. Backups serve as the lifeline of your operations.

Our meticulous three-step approach to system backup involves maintaining high availability local backups, encrypted cloud backups, and image backups. Additionally, we conduct annual disaster recovery drills and daily data integrity verifications to guarantee the resilience and security of your data.


Get in touch to learn more 305-846-9925 Always Eager to Help

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