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Amazing, Fast, and Reliable WiFi Networks.

WiFi & Network

Network Design

Network design is the practice of planning and designing a communications network. Our network engineers will look at the existing on-premise equipment and services to determine and create a plan that builds on or replaces outdated infrastructure. We take a five-step approach when designing a network. 

  1. Prepare. to define all requirements and analyze all site surveys. (Bandwidth,Traffic,Cabling)

  2. Plan. Curate lists of materials needed to meet demand. (Cisco Routers, Switches, Unifi Access points)

  3. Design. Gathered information, is used to create  diagrams and superimpose on-site plans.

  4. Implement. Produce working documents for install crews to deploy.

  5. Technical Operation. Produce documents for IT staff to operate and manage network deployment.


Network Cabling

Certified cable installs that meet or exceed TIA/EIA standards.

  • CAT6 cabling low voltage cable

  • RG6 coaxial cable

  • Fiber multimode plenum

  • CAT5E low voltage cable


Structured Data Network Stack

  • Network rack buildouts

  • Patch panels

  • Custom network cabinets and locks

  • Wire mapping and labeling

Audio & Video Wiring

  • Prewire for audio-video deployments.

  • CCTV wiring

  • CCTV wiring removal

Envigo is Licensed and Insured Structured Cabling Installation company in Miami Florida. Our License ES12001953 could be used to provide your property telecommunications wire installation.  

Managed Wi-Fi Networks

  • Hotel

  • Restuarant

  • Gym 

  • Marina

  • Office

  • Multifamily

  • School

  • Event

Branded Captive Portals

Have guests authenticate elegantly on easily on a custom branded captive portal page.

Wi-Fi Monetization 

Offer your guest tiered Wi-Fi experience and upsell a quicker service. 

User-friendly Management Dashboard 

Envigo will help your in-house managers get set up with a simple to use intuitive dashboard. 

In a Meeting

WiFi Optimization

     Envigo will not only deploy your new wireless network devices but will also fine-tune them. Often overlooked wireless interference can cause all sorts of problems as time goes on more devices will continue to emit wireless signals and contribute to wireless congestion. Envigo performs RF scans and makes sure your access points are transmitting at correct power levels and on the right channels daily.

Technology Partners

Unifi Ubiquiti OS Pros

Ubiquiti Networks delivers an outstanding value to performance ratio for our clientele. Unifi OS has taken the world by storm with robust networking features found only on very high-end enterprise equipment. Envigo Networks has mastered these devices and is ready to help you deploy your Unifi environment. 


Cisco Systems

Next-Generation Wi-Fi starts with Cisco Meraki. Cisco Meraki products are designed to help simplify IT operations while providing robust network security features. Meraki leverages Wi-Fi 6 capabilities making it a fantastic option for dense high traffic environments. 



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