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Network Enabled Cameras and Access



Manage your security from a unified console, with built-in reports and analytics

Unifi Protect Setup

Envigo is glad to be partnered with Ubiquiti Networks to deliver an outstanding value to performance ratio, Ubiquti Surveillance offering is Unifi Protect. Protect is a fast scalable and easy-to-use surveillance system which can be deployed for a single or multi-site project.


Axis Networked IP Cameras

Network IP Cameras have better resolutions than analog cameras. Can provide deep insight with powerful analytics software they are able to detect faces, read license plates, and alert security personnel during an incident. While keeping transmissions feeds encrypted and secured.

We've partnered with the best in the industry to help deliver a solution that will last for years to come. 

Axis cameras are the best in the industry covered with a 5-year warranty, stunning visual display, and analytics that can't be beaten. 

Access Control

Modern hardware

Readers and controllers with live video and touchless capabilities in a sleek design.

Remote Management

All-inclusive cloud software manage schedule check doorways assign ids. With this easy-to-use platform have our team train your staff and time on costly training. 

Encrypted credentials

Readers support touchless proximity sensors that can read smart cards, smartphones, and even iWatch. 

Single Identity

Provide your staff with a single company identity. Our access control solutions integrate with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Gmail. 


We can install transponder units in your garage. Automatic gate lifts for vehicles. 


We install access controls in elevator units working closely with elevator maintenance personal to ensure safety.

Entrances and Exits

Control all entrances and exits with a dashboard view. Lockdown premises in the event of an emergency. Restrict personnel outside of business hours. 

Visitor Management

Set schedules for visitors, provide temporary access, and audit logs.


Security System Design

How we design your new camera system.


Onsite Security Audit

One of our expert staff members will visit your premise, find vulnerability, discuss your needs, and provide industry insight.

Demo Equipment 

Envigo will make sure to setup a demo for your company. Learn to access your cameras from anywhere and see the vibrant detail before making costly purchases.

Design A Floor Plan

We'll provide you with a mock of your new security system or floor plans if provided.

Install New Security Cameras

Once approved Envigo will schedule a date and our licensed and insured technicians will get to work right away. 


Get in touch to learn more 305-846-9925 Always Eager to Help

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